FORM 2024-2025
[Aryaman Vikram Birla
Institute of Learning]
Classes LI-VIII

    Academic Year :

    Name of the Candidate :

    Date of Birth :

    School last attended (Name and Address of School) :

    Admission to be taken in class :

    Name and Mobile no. of Father/Mother/Guardian :

    Educational Qualification of Father/Mother/Guardian :

    Occupation/ Designation of Father/Mother/Guardian :

    Email ID of Father/Mother/Guardian :

    Present Address

    If your brother/ sister studying in any of our group schools then specify the school name--- :

    Subject Choices for Class : (LI - VIII)
    Second Language : Hindi
    Third Language : (V-VIII) (Required)

    Please upload Birth Certificate :

    Please upload Report card 2022-23 (not applicable for LI) :

    Please upload Report card 2020-21 (not applicable for LI and UI) :